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Platinum One Personal Training isn’t your stock standard pop up gym. Nestled in the heart of St Leonards, this boutique gym seeks to cultivate a sense of community whilst supporting people in their individual health and fitness journeys.

After almost a decade in the fitness industry, Founder and Director, Aidan Holden knew people needed a holistic approach to their personal goals in a supportive and encouraging environment and sought to bring this vision to life through Platinum One Personal Training.

‘Every single person is different and deserves to feel amazing in their own body. I want to create a community where everyone is welcome to work on their individual goals with a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and life; the core philosophy of Platinum One Personal Training.’
– Aidan
Platinum One Personal Training - group classes and gym in St Leonards


Aidan Holden, Personal Trainer and Director at Platinum One, is an expert in fitness, sports education, and nutrition. He has an outstanding reputation for creating a nurturing yet stimulating environment; where clients can focus on achieving their personal goals.

Aidan specialises in innovative health solutions for time-poor individuals. With the right formula, he believes all clients can achieve their ultimate health and body shape goals.

Aidan Holden Founder of Platinum One Personal Training


Jake genuinely cares about everyone who walks through the doors, spending as much time as he can getting to know all of our community, what drives them, their goals and their challenges.
He is selfless, extremely hard-working and backs up his passion for clients with incredible service and knowledge.

Jake - Personal Trainer - Gym Crows Nest Fitness Centre


Michael brings a massive amount of experience to the Platinum One studio, having undergone his own transformation from skinny to big and now currently working his way down to lean and ripped!

Michael ensures he maintains a high standard of education around health and fitness and is always open to trying new innovations in the industry. The care Michael shows towards his clients, with a passion for enabling true body alignment is outstanding, a true asset to Platinum One.

Mike - Personal Trainer - Gym St Leonards


Alex started his career at Platinum One as a student and has excelled in pushing his clients to new limits and teaching them a variety different ways to make the most of their health, fitness and lives, we could not have asked for anything more of him.

Alex is incredibly focused and driven, and executes any and all tasks with such dedication, it is really a pleasure to watch. This young man is genuinely a pleasure to work with, and to see how much he cares about each and every one of our wonderful members, along with his fellow trainers and Platinum itself, is so very humbling.

Alex Milton personal trainer at Platinum One Personal Training


Sooree is the first vegan trainer at Platinum One, bringing a comprehensive knowledge on all diets to the gym. Soree is a diligent trainer who has a wealth of knowledge; having completed multiple courses on movement, rehabilitation, release/stretch and training, always looking to learn.

Sooree is such a kind, polite, caring and compassionate individual, and mixed with his work ethic, drive and thirst for knowledge we know he is destined for great things and the perfect fit for our expanding team of driven and passionate individuals.

Sooree Cheong, trainer at Platinum One Personal Training

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