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What is our Corporate Wellness Program?

Since opening our doors in May this year, we’ve received interest from several businesses in the St Leonards area looking for an exercise program for their employees to participate in during the week. With hectic life schedules, it’s common for people to forfeit vital daily exercise requirements, with effects commonly noticed in general mood and productivity in the workplace.

To help workers balance this life schedule, we’ve decided to offer a Corporate Wellness Program to our neighbours in the area who are interested in keeping their employees happy, fit and productive!

What is included?

We generally recommend 2-3 half-hour lunchtime sessions per week with one of our dedicated trainers who will create a bespoke fitness program for your employees. This includes a mixture of:

  • Fit and Functional HIIT workouts
  • Weight training
  • Boxing

Sessions can include up to 15 people, with current businesses loving the flexibility (class can go ahead with 1 or 15 people, so no need to worry about fluctuating staff commitments).

What are the benefits?

Ensuring your employees are happy and healthy means that your business will thrive. Our current businesses have reported the below changes in employees after just a few short weeks of our program:

  • Enhanced sense of community and positive workplace culture
  • Happier employees with higher rates of job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity both short-term (post-session) and long-term (after weeks of training)
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Less absenteeism
  • Less Stress
  • Improved focus at work

‘The team wanted to do something together to bond so decided to do some exercise at lunchtime as we spend so many hours at the desk everyday. Platinum One was so close, it was the perfect fit and we couldn’t be happier! The team has really benefited from getting to know each other outside the office, and we are all a little more conscious of nutrition which is a great atmosphere to have around the people you work with.’

– Trudi Yip, Director of Numeric8

Contact Aidan and the team today to see how we can help change your business from the inside out!

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