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About Platinum One
Personal Training

The P1PT Technique

Platinum One was created to elevate the health and wellness of the community. We offer a holistic, personalised fitness program to meet the unique needs of each client.

Lose Weight

What you eat is so important to achieving your body goals.  Your food choices during these times will either progress you towards your goals or send you backwards.

Get Healthy

We take the guess work out of it for you. We will work with you to develop delicious meal plans that suit your taste, your body goals and your lifestyle.  That’s where our years of nutrition education, learning and experience will benefit you.

Go Further

We provide personal, individual training sessions each week with a personal trainer. Each session is based on a tailor made training programme just for you. 

Track Results

While you’re working towards your fitness goal we have a methodology and tools to keep you accountable. This includes our use of apps to track your exercise and nutrition and ensure you reach & maintain your health goals safely.

Experience and commitment to you

About us

At Platinum One Personal Training We take a holistic approach to your fitness goals and create a supportive and encouraging environment for your training. Our gym is your community. Come visit today.

All Inclusive

The only thing you pay for with us is your one-on-one personal training. For that you get access to our modern facility and calming studio environment to exercise on your own whenever it suits.

Train Anytime

Group fitness classes are included with every Personal Training Package you can attend as many of our group classes as you like. They run throughout the day to suit all timetables and fitness levels.

“Absolutely loving going here and so happy I found this place!!! All the guys are super friendly, encouraging, and helpful. Can’t believe I’ve found a PT that offers such an all-round service as well including nutrition support”

Are you ready to get fit and healthy?

Workout Plans

A well-balanced exercise program can improve general health, and slow the effects of aging.

Fitness Training

Exercise will improve health, maintain fitness, and speed up your rehabilitation.

Lifestyle Schedules

Whole body health utilizes multiple healing disciplines, and cutting-edge technologies.