Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Meet the P1PT Team

After almost a decade in the fitness industry, Founder and Director, Aidan Holden knew people needed a holistic approach to their personal goals in a supportive and encouraging environment and sought to bring this vision to life through Platinum One Personal Training.

‘Every single person is different and deserves to feel amazing in their own body. I want to create a community where everyone is welcome to work on their individual goals with a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and life; the core philosophy of Platinum One Personal Training.’

Aidan specialises in innovative health solutions for time-poor individuals. With the right formula, he believes all clients can achieve their ultimate health and body shape goals.

Our Personal Trainers

Aidan Holden - Personal Trainer - P1PT Gym Owner Sydney

Aidan Holden

Director and personal trainer Aidan created Platinum One to fill the gap in the industry to provide clients with a safe, welcoming and unique training environment. Years of working in commercial gyms prior to opening P1 has awarded Aidan an outstanding reputation, which has only grown in the years of Platinum. Aidan specialises in holistic health solutions with a special passion for the role exercise plays in mental health and the difference that movement can make to every aspect of a persons life. Aidan brings patience, knowledge and unrivalled support to everyone who walks through the door and is incredibly dedicated to fostering a community within Platinum. He cares wholeheartedly about his team and every client and fully believes in the difference that he, and Platinum, is making within the fitness industry. 

Izzy personal trainer st. Leonards - gym - lose weight - be happy


Izzi had a long history of dance, both professionally and recreationally, before deciding to pursue her love of fitness and movement and create a career in the fitness industry. Before finding P1, she has had a host of experience with both general population and special needs clients and combines her training with a passion for creative avenues in exercise. When not in the gym, she is studying Occupational Therapy and works as a disability support worker. Izzi brings her passion, empathy and bubbly nature to the studio, both for the team and her clients and loves the unparalleled support she receives from her fellow trainers and the relationships she can create within the gym.

Christine - personal trainer st. Leonards


Prior to beginning her career as a trainer at P1, Christine worked a corporate job within the medical field with insurmountable workloads. Her own training with P1 director Aidan, coupled with other fitness avenues such as pole dancing and Lyra, inspired a career change and Christine undertook her formal personal training qualifications before officially joining the Platinum Team. Christine brings with her kindness, empathy and unrivalled passion for what she does. As both a client and trainer, Christine’s love of P1 stems from the closeness of everyone who steps in the door, between both trainers and clients. 

Fred - personal trainer Crows Nest Gym


Fred’s fitness journey began as a young footballer and evolved when a friend introduced him to the world of strength training. Through all the COVID-19 chaos, Fred’s home gym allowed his passion for all things exercise to flourish and he became convinced of his future in the fitness industry. Now, his favourite types of training are strength, long distance running and soccer (we don’t hold this against him). Fred is passionate, keen to learn and thrives in the P1 environment where he can connect with both the other trainers and all clients in a community free of judgement and surrounded with love.

James - personal trainer Crows Nest Gym


After playing badminton for 5 years in his home country of China, James was quick to realise the importance of complimenting his sport with strength training to better his performance, facilitating his journey into the gym and weightlifting. Through his time in the industry he has enjoyed many types of training but has a strong affinity for hypertrophy, strength and functional training. James is an incredibly passionate, energised and professional member of the P1 team who loves the closeness of our community and being to help people grow, become strong and move without pain. 

Youssef - personal trainer Crows Nest Gym


Following in the footsteps of his trainer father, Youssef has grown up in a family passionate about weightlifting, athletics, swimming, health and fitness. He has trained at an incredibly high level, both here and in France, in swimming, triathlons, CrossFit and trail running, whilst also loving team sports such as beach volleyball. Youssef brings with him a wealth of experience and is honest, passionate and exceptionally knowledge. His favourite thing about Platinum One is the safe space created by the team and our clients and the community energy felt everyday. 

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